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6 thoughts on “Spanish (Español) Products

  1. I am looking for a spanish preschool curriculum. I have all of your other curriculums and love them. What do you have for preschool children in Spanish?

  2. En nuestra iglesia estamos por empezar un ministerio de niños, y me gustaría saber si tienen el curso de formación SSCM en español. Ya que nuestra iglesia es en su mayoría ispana. Muchas gracias!

    1. ¿Usted vive en los EE.UU. o en México? En México tenemos director que enseña en semminars vivos. Tal vez usted puede invitarla a entrenar a su equipo. Encontrarla aquí: (Google Translation)

  3. Hi There,

    Big fan of your curriculum – used it while I was employed in Children’s Ministry at my church! Now, I hope to take it international! My husband 7 I have an upcoming Voluncations Mission Trip and one of the greatest needs that has been communicated to us from Pastors in Cozumel, Mexico is Children’s Church curriculum. Just now, Holy Spirit lead me to see what Spanish items you have available and I am ENTHRALLED to see that you have so much available. My question is this: is there a bundle discount if we purchase all the Spanish items? Thanks!
    -Anne! 🙂

    1. Anne, i can’t believe I missed your post! I am just seeing if for the first time today. Did you ever get an answer to your question? And how did you trip to Mexico go? Did you find any interest there. I would like to make sure you know that we have a director in Mexico (the person who did all the translating) and she trains pastors and children’s ministry leaders how to properly work with children. If you would like to contact her, please let me know.

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