Stone Moments – Acts of Worship for Families


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Stone Moments – Acts of Worship for Families
By Alicia White

Reestablishing the Foundation of Godly families one stone at a time. “That this may be a sign among you when your children ask in time to come, saying, ‘what do these stones mean to you?’” Joshua 4:6

72 Worship activities to establish the fear of the Lord and the presence of God in your family

For years we have watched the families of God be destroyed, torn apart, and lured into the ways of the world. Satan has used every avenue possible to keep Jesus from being the center of our homes; stripping families of their Godly foundation and eroding the pathway they must take to raise righteous children and keep holy marriages.

One of the biggest avenue Satan has taken to preoccupy the families of God is to keep them from worshiping God as a family. No longer do we make worship a lifestyle in our homes. Due to the pressure of this world, self-centeredness, and worldly desires, worship has been lowered to a mere service on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings.

We no longer seek God’s presence together within the walls of our home; mother and father, son and daughter offering up sacrifices to the Lord, creating “Stone Moments” to be remembered for generations to come. Discover some of the stones that lead to Christ in our homes.

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