SILKOLA “Gift of the Holy Spirit” Object Lesson




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Here is an effect that will impress any audience.

You show a capped soda bottle to be empty. You can even pass the bottle and cap for examination. You now re-cap the bottle and cover it with a silver tube. You now show a silk handkerchief which you cause to vanish!

Where did the scarf go? The silver color cover is lifted with your empty hand to reveal the vanished silk INSIDE the capped bottle! A truly mystifying effect with ordinary items. Ours is the NICEST, classiest version available – as we supply a beautiful polished chrome tube – very elegant & mystical looking!

Gospel Presentation Included “The Gift of the Holy Spirit” A truly wonderful way to explain how the Holy Spirit comes inside of us. Also can be used with a Jesus silk and share about Jesus coming into your life.


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