Kingdom Family Devotional


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By Alicia White

84 day devotional 107 pages

Through the view finder of a kingdom, your family will receive the revelation that the Bible is a history book of both past, present, and future, depicted the life of a king, His kingdom, and His citizens. It will become more than some stories of long ago, but become a relevant history book into the 21st century. They will learn about the original government established on this earth well before any other, as well as the constitution of that government we call the Bible that surpasses any earthy government constitution or laws on this earth.

They will gain an understanding as to the culture of their new nation as they receive the kingdom of God and how it can operate in their lives to bring them power, joy, and victory on this earth. They will discover their own purpose for being born on this earth and feel a since of belonging to something greater than themselves.  Fear of God will be reestablished in your families heart for God’s kingship as they approach His throne as their King, and they will regain a new level of authority that comes from a spirit of humbleness and reverence for their king and His kingdom.

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