How the Kingdom of Darkness Operates in Children


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The Kingdom of darkness is alive and well and it has a well organized strategy to pull our children away from their faith. Have you noticed in the last ten years there has been an explosion of the occult and witchcraft in our entertainment media? This  is not by accident. This has been aimed at our children in unprecedented ways, not to mention our teens.

The fact that this is all coming in the form of entertainment is disconcerting, but therein lies its secret power. We have been made to believe, since we have ratings to warn the public of the content of movies, TV shows, and video games, in violence, sex, and swearing, that we can choose wisely and be okay. But there is no rating system for the paranormal, witchcraft or occult in our entertainment media.

But while we Christians continue to argue about the harm or harmlessness of this new genre of books, movies, and games, could the enemy be slyly accomplishing another underlying goal for his greater purposes?

Speaker: Becky Fischer

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