I Will Not Stay Silent (Teens)


Written by Becky Fischer
Director Kids in Ministry International

We have two primary goals in this lesson. They are: 1) covering Israel in prayer, and 2) creating an awareness and love for Israel in the youth you minister to. We have attempted to pack as much relevant present day information into this event as possible. We also want to leave a significant amount of time for your group to actually spend time praying for Israel. But this is intended to be a very interactive session as well. The teachings are short in order to leave room for group discussions. But in addition you are encouraged to tell your youth to bring their smart-phones, ipads, laptops, and notebooks to this event. Hopefully you have wireless internet in your youth building.

Each discussion will end with ideas of where your group can go on the internet (Facebook, Twitter, Google, or YouTube) in order to gather as much info as possible in a short period of time for their discussions. You will know what to have them look up by watching for the icons for the internet at the given sections.

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