God’s General’s for Kids – Maria Woodworth Etter


This is the fourth volume in God’s Generals for Kids. It tells the story of Maria Woodworth Etter. She had a very tough childhood and , as she grew older, life wasn’t always easy. It was only when she turned to God that she found a peace that would not go away. As she obeyed God, many people were saved and healed.

She also experienced strange trances and heard God speaking to her, but the world could not under stand her. Newspapers accused her of making people go crazy, and she was often threatened by hooligans. Through all of this she kept on following God even though she never knew what grew older, life wasn’t always easy. It was only though, that God would always be with her.

As you read about Maria, you will see how God can use you, too, as you learn to obey Him. If she were here today, she would say to you, “Learn about God and salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ. Pray and ask the Lord to lead your life, and then listen carefully, for you, too, may be called to be a trailblazer for God.”

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