Speaking the Language of the Spirit in your Home- SSCM #5

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Speaker: Becky Fischer

Language is important. It is what ties us together with our history and our culture. To lose a native language can be devastating and it is no small thing. Somethings are lost forever when a group of people lose their language. We are in grave danger in our Spirit-filled home of our children losing the language of the Spirit, because we never speak it in our homes anymore. Will the next generation speak the language of the crucified Christ? Will they be fluent in speaking the language of sacrifice, consecration, purity, and separation to the Lord? Or will we run the risk of having a generation that speaks a conglomeration of half Bible and half Oprah (secular culture)?


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PLEASE NOTE: You can save money by buying the DVDs or the MP4s as a complete set. But if finances are an issue, remember, you can also buy and download one lesson at a time as you can afford it! Be sure to ask about becoming a certified graduate, however, which means you will want to enroll in advance of starting the course. To enroll to become certified, download this set of forms (click here) and return them to our office at kidsinministry@yahoo.com.

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1 review for Speaking the Language of the Spirit in your Home- SSCM #5

  1. Rated 1 out of 5

    John Connro (verified owner)

    Terrible audio! I could barely understand it. I figured out enough to pass the quiz, but that’s hardly a recommendation. Can you redo this one? Even if it is read like a script into a better recording system it will benefit listeners. Other lessons are much better sound wise!

    • Becky Fischer

      John, my deepest apologies!!! We are trying to replace it as quickly as possible. Hopefully within the next couple of months.In the meantime, please accept as a gift a link to a set of new videos that we just made at our 2016 annual KIMI Leadership conference, GOING DEEPER. One of these videos will eventually replace this one. Thank you for your patience!!! Go here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9kMLGWmkVvACeGVm9mBKTp4UM73jzMqM

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