Be CarefulLittle EyesWhat You See


I love working with preschoolers.  Our preschoolers can experience many of the same things that we do in their relationship with Jesus, such as salvation, baptism in the Holy Spirit, worship, prayer and intercession.  The spirituality of these little ones is often overlooked as an over-active imagination. Preschool age children often see into the spiritual realm.

When we teach these children God’s ways in bite-size nuggets they can be amazing worshipers and prayer warriors. They love to pray for their friends and family.  God cherishes our preschoolers, but as such, the enemy also realizes they can move in power. His assignment to kill, steal, and destroy their God given identity starts early. I hate that, but it is true.

Last week during our Preschool PowerClub, I noticed that one little guy just wasn’t himself. He seemed agitated and anxious.  Brandon’s family had just started coming to church. It was exciting to see the growth in his family.  It was a good time for me to connect with Mom.  I knew that Brandon had regularly seen visions. He told his mom about seeing a man in a white robe. We hadn’t even talked about Jesus yet.   He saw beautiful gates, angels and demons.  Over the last few weeks he had been seeing many more demons.  His mom shared that he had told her that the bad guys were in his tummy and were trying to get him to do bad things. He wouldn’t allow his parents to pray for him.

I asked Mom if anything unusual had occurred in the last few weeks. She mentioned that Dad had taken Brandon with him to get a tattoo at a tattoo parlor.  I have nothing against tattoos, but it seemed that this parlor was harboring some demonic spirits.  She shared that there were weird supernatural  things going on.  It sounded like demonic manifestations to me, and she agreed. We talked about how this may have effected Brandon. My new friend had no idea that taking Brandon into the tattoo parlor could have opened her child up to being harassed by demons. But, God is stronger. We prayed together and I prayed over Brandon and he went back to being his little joyful self.

I was reminded how important it is for me to observe the kids in my PowerClub and not hesitate to communicate with their parents or guardians.  Sharing a bit of biblical teaching with Brandon’s parents in love, and praying over my little friend stopped the enemy in his tracks. Satan doesn’t wait to harass our kids until they are of age.  He comes after them early, so it is best for us to be diligent in what we expose them to.  We must be careful what their little eyes see.