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Introducing Ashlynn Edelman : KIMI OK intern

I am thrilled to introduce you to Ashlynn Edelman. Ashlynn is our KIMI Oklahoma Intern.

I have known Ashlynn since she was 14. She was one of our youngest PowerClub Training Graduates in Oklahoma. Ashylnn has always had a heart for children.  Her love for Kids In Ministry comes naturally as her momma is one […]

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Helping Parents Protect their Preschoolers




I love working with preschoolers.  Our preschoolers can experience many of the same things that we do in their relationship with Jesus, such as salvation, baptism in the Holy Spirit, worship, prayer and intercession.  The spirituality of these little ones is often overlooked as an over-active imagination. Preschool age children often see into the spiritual […]

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Welcome to KIMI Oklahoma

Thank you for stopping by. We have opened a Kids in Ministry International Branch in Oklahoma. Our website is currently under construction. We will be uploading our events, pictures and informative articles soon. Our purpose is to provide practical, purposeful support to help children’s ministers and parents train their children in the ways of […]

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