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We have been privileged and honored to have Jody Gafford as a part of our Kids in Ministry International team for many years, as well as the director for KIMI Oklahoma. But recently we very reluctantly accepted Jody’s resignation due to the critical family health issues, where unless there is a miracle, she will likely become the full-time care-giver to her husband due to a serious stroke.

Jody graduated from the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry in 2010. In 2011 we ordained her under Kids in Ministry International. She became a KIMI director in 2012-13. She became one of the SSCM team leaders in 2015. She traveled with me occasionally as a travel assistant when I spoke in conferences.

We could always count on Jody to be there for KIMI. She has been an amazing advocate for us as a ministry, and for the vision in general. I don’t have to tell you how talented and gifted she is in a broad range of areas from singing, to writing, working with the Native American children, and more. She wrote our children’s preschool manual “I Love Israel” and did an outstanding job.

Jody will always and forever be a part of the KIMI family, regardless of whether she is a director or not. We love you, Jody, and are praying for you and your family.

For anyone wanting more help or information about Kids in Ministry International, the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry, or our PowerClub Children’s Ministries, please contact our home office at kidsinministry@yahoo.com.

Becky Fischer

Founder and Director
Kids in Ministry International
School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry








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